Wednesday 10 September 2014

Pattern Cappuccino Cowl

The pattern is written in English because I am sharing it through my Ravelry page.

 For this pattern I used 1 4 mm crochet hook.
The yarn is a combination of several yarns.
(I am not that picky)

Combination I used is:

1) Needle 4 mm acrylic yarn (1 colour)
2) Phildar Phil Teddy (edge)
3) Drops alpaca mix (2 brown colours)

Using these stitches makes the pattern very flexible.
The pattern can be in- or decreased with 3 chains in the base chain. You can stretch or shorten as much as you'd like.

I made an infintity scraf which you wrap around a childs neck twice.

SC (stitch) = vaste
DC (Double Crochet) = stokje
Sl st (slip stitch) = halve vaste
CH (chain) = losse
SP (space) = ruimte
[ x ] 5 = repeat between brackets 5 times in total
Tie off = beƫindig toer


CH 159, join with 1st ST. Be aware to not twist your base chain.

1) CH 1, SC in the same sc, SC around, join with a SL ST in 1st CH

2) Start with an invisible Starting DC in the same CH (if you think this is too complicated, you could use a CH3), 2DC in same CH, [ CH 1, SK 2 CH, 3 DC in next CH ] repeat to you have 2 CH left, CH1, SL ST in first DC (or in 3td CH from 1st CH3), SL ST to CH1 sp and join new colour.

3) With new colour: Starting DC (or CH3) in CH sp. 2DC in same sp. [ CH 1, SK 2 CH, 3 DC in next SC ] repeat to first 3 DC, CH1, SL ST in first DC (or in 3td CH from 1st CH3) SL ST to CH1 sp and join new colour.

You can switch colours as you go and continue untill you have reached your prefered width.
I made 13 changes in total. But if you make a cowl for an adult I would advise you to make more rows,

Last round of 3DC clusters, do NOT CH1 between the 3DC clusters.

*4) SC in every DC around. Finish with invisible-fasten-off


Attach your furry yarn in any of the chains.
CH in next ch and every ch around.
End with invisible-fasten-off

* If you find any mistakes or improvements on this pattern, please inform me so I can adjust this instruction. Thank you.

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