Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sally - the unicorn

I stumbled on this really really really cute pattern.... 
(it wasn't hard to miss actually since it was spread on the web like a virus)

And like I said earlier.... I had some really busy days at work and it it nice to get your mind thinking about something cute, pink and fluffy at such times.

The best reward for making these toys is the happiness you receive afterwards. The only thing I got confused about was the name my daughter gave the unicorn.... I was thinking "Pegasus", but she immerdiately said: "Sally!!" So Sally was born.

At first I made all the separate parts. This pattern uses quite a large hook and matching yarn. I did not size down the hook as that is what I usually do when I make amigurumi's. So keep in mind, if you want a softy without seeing openings in the structure.
I advice you to use smaller hook with your yarn, size down 0,5 to 1 mm.

 I used several colours for the tail and manes, the fun thing about this project is that you can take any colouring you like to create the unicorn from your imagination. I was inspired by the original design.

 For the horn I used an extra silver thread to give it a magical look.

For the tail I made strings of 34 chains, HDC in 3rd chain from the hook, mix 3 HDC and 4 HDC in every CH. The pattern will explain how to attach them.

If you like this pattern, it is designed by 1dogwoof, you can find the pattern through the link.

Have a lovely day!

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