Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Loving Black & White

Just a nice pattern with some tips on crochet techniques

Stitches & terms used: 

YO: Yarn over
SC: Single crochet
DC: Double crochet
SLST: Slip stitch
CH: Chain

FPdc: Front post double crochet:

YO, insert hook into space between the post of the current and next DC in the row below, bring the hook through the nest space, going behind the the post, YO, pull hook through the spaces (3 loops on hook), YO, pull yarn through first two loops on hook, YO, pull through last two loops. done

RevSC: Reverse single crochet

Reverse Single Crochet


1) Double Crochet chainless foundation chain of 90 DC's (instructions can be found over HERE)

2) CH2, FPdc around, SL ST to 1st DC (skip the Ch2 to SlSt in 1st DC)

3) In this row you start with the heart pattern. Repeat row 2 BUT, attach white yarn in the 46th stitch.

changing colour in a DC, do your DC as normal but your last YO should be with your new colour so the last loop you pull through is the nw colour.

Start the heart pattern according to this diagram, you start at the bottom. Every box is a stitch.

So in row 3 you switch back to black immediately.

4) Use the same technique as used in row 3 but follow the heart pattern to see where you change colours.

5 / 14) Continue untill you have all rows with the heart pattern

15 + 16) Only use black, repeat row 2

17) CH1, SC around, SlSt in 1st SC

18) RevSC around, finish off

Attatch yarn to the other side

19) CH1, SC around, SlSt in 1st SC

20) RevSC around, finish off

I also made matching Bootcuffs.

I made these, based on the brooklyn boot cuffs pattern by CrochetDreamz.

Have fun!

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