Sunday, 23 November 2014

Chocolate V Puff

Another V-Puff scarf, another colleague of mine ordered one. She told me it had to match her brown jacket / coat.

The different types of yarn turn this scarf into a warm picture.
Like warm Choco on a cold winters day.

When you use thick and thin yarns combined. You can achieve the same width by pulling up 2 loops on the V-arm with thick yarn and pull up 3 loops on every V-arm for the thinner yarn.
That way your V's will appear at the same thickness.
For example, the beige colour is 2 loops, the rusty colour is 3 loops.

If you haven't made one for yourself or a friend, check out the free pattern from a former blog:
Here is the link to the V-Puff scarf pattern

In this scarf I used the Ice Yarns Mirage again. It was a left over from my Lace crochet shawl.
It is such a soft and rich yarn. Ideal for scarfs.
You can get them in a single colour, but also as a self-striping colour, which saves you the hassle of switching in between colours.

Mirage Color Yellow Red Emerald Green Blue at Haaksels - Ice Yarns

  • Fiber Content :,
  • Needle Size :4 - 4 mm. / US -
  • Weight :100 gr. / 3.53 oz. per ball
  • Length :300 m. / per ball
  • Yarn Thickness :

  • Color Options

    Yarnshop: Haaksels - Ice Yarns

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