Sunday, 16 November 2014

Slouchy Socks

Oh I simply love 'm, comfy warm house - socks.

A few weeks ago I made a pair for myself.
I must admit..... I wear them every day.

A was asked to make a pair of turqoise slippers.
I made them in size EU 36/37 for Christmas.

It is so much fun to try and find the perfect match for the job. I used several yarns, winded some into one thread and in the end I finished this crochet work with 3 yarns at the same time.

Sometimes you just have to try several ways to gain the right gauche,

I remember from my own childhood how lovely it was to get new PJ's from Sinterklaas (our Dutch Santa).

This order came form a mother who thinks the same. Her daughter will get a nice pair of warm and cosy house-socks to spend her winter in ;)

Of course a finishing touch by adding my Label to the crochet socks / slippers


By adding a rubbery substance to the sole of the socks, I will prevent this "lady" from sliding on the floor.

It's quite handy! You can also put it on your socks or older slippers. I ordered it once from Germany.

Interested in the pattern? HERE you can find the pattern to HollyDoll's pattern shop.

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