Monday 21 July 2014

Flower Grannie Square pattern

Flower Grannie Square pattern

Hieronder volgt het haakpatroon van de Grannie Square zoals hierboven getoond.
Het patroon is in het Engels, omdat ik zelf eigenlijk altijd in het Engels haak.
Vertaling: EN to NL

SC (stitch) = vaste
HDC (Half Double Crochet) = half stokje
DC (Double Crochet) = stokje
Sl st (slip stitch) = halve vaste
CH (chain) = losse
SP (space) = ruimte
BL (Back Loop) = achterste lus
[ x ] 5 = repeat between brackets 5 times in total
Tie off = beƫindig toer

In example:
colour 1 = mixed green (I used 2 threads)
colour 2 = white
colour 3 = mint green

Start with a Magic Ring (pic. 1)

  1) 8 SC in ring (pic. 2), close ring, sl st in 1st sc (pic. 3)

2) CH 3 in same loop, [HDC - CH 1 (in same loop)] 7x, sl st in 2nd chain of CH 3 (pic. 4)

3) [CH2, 2DC, CH2, sl st in space , CH1 , sl st in next SP] 8x (pic. 5 & 6)

TIE OFF colour 1, 
your center flower is ready. You can also use this as a broche or decoration on a bag or garnement.

4) Attach new thread in the BL (back loop) of any CH 1 sp.  (pic. 7 & 8)

[CH 4, SC in same CH, sl st in next SP] 8x  (BL only)      (pic. 9 & 10)
(go from CH to CH in between the leaves of the flower) 

You should now have (pic. 11) at the back

5) Now continue in CH 4 loops. Sl st to CH 4 sp.

CH 3 , 2 DC in first sp. - 3 DC , CH 2 , 3 DC in corner, [ 3 DC in next sp - 3 DC, HC 2 , 3 DC in corner] 3x (pic. 12)

Join in third chain of beginning CH3.

TIE OFF colour 2,  (pic. 13)
You should now see the beginning of a tile. But.... we're not there yet.
Let's continue

6) Attach colour 3 in the SP before the corner SP. CH 2 (Pic 14)

2 DC in same space. (Pic. 15)

[ 3 DC , CH 2 , 3 DC in corner sp - 3 DC in next sp - 3 DC in next sp] repeat [x] to end.

Join in second chain of CH2. (Pic. 16)

I like to add a row of sc's, just to give the square a bit more body. You could also use this row to fill out some space when you use the squares for a pillow which has a certain width.
So this row is additional.

7) So.... when round 6 was your last, tie off. If not:

CH 1 , SC in next to last SC before corner. (Pic. 17)
(SC, CH 2) in corner (Pic. 18) - SC in next loop (Pic. 19)
Repeat to end.


When you have reached your last SC (pic. 20) finish with an invisible "fasten off"

Tadaa, you finished your Flower Grannie Square.
You can make several to complete a pillow, blanket, bag or anything you like.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.