Wednesday 25 February 2015

Royale Squares & Stripes wrap

I fell in love with this yarn instantly.
Not a clue what I would make with it but I just had to have it.

Since the coldest period of winter in Eastern Europe seems to be over, I decided to create a piece of "crochet-art" which can be used in this in-between period. A warm wrap to use during colder evenings.

I have written down the pattern for you. 
It is a very easy pattern, I hope you enjoy it!

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Stitches & terms used:

SC: single crochet
DC: double crochet
CH: chain

Yarn used:

Wibra Fenna Yarn
Suggested needle size: 4 - 4,5 mm ( I used a 4.5 mm hook)
100% acrylic

Use any yarn you like plus hook as suggested. 


The width of your wrap depends on the yarn you use incombination with the length of your base chain. Your base exists out of a multiple of 3 + 3.

With my yarn I made a base chain of 84 chains.

1) DC in 3rd chain from hook, DC back over your base chain, turn (82 DC)

2) Chainless starting DC, CH2, skip 2 stitches, DC, [CH2, skip 2, DC] repeat between brackets to end, turn

3) repeat row 2

4) Chainless starting DC, DC in every stitch to end, turn

5) repeat row 4

Graphic chart of pattern
The pattern is repeating itself. In the graphic you can see how it repeats. 
Keep repeating row 2 twice, followed by row 4 twice.

You last row should be one row of DC's. Just like you started.


When you've made your final DC, turn and SC around the complete border of the wrap.
In every corner you place a SC, CH2, SC, this way you get nice square corners.

Your final round along the borders should be:

SC along the long sides of your wrap             
[SC, CH2, skip1] along the short sides (picture)

[SC, CH2, skip1]
Finish off.

Before you add your tassels, you might want to block your shawl / wrap.
It really makes a nicer result. I usually pin large items down on the carpet and spray it with water. It usually dries in one night.

Now you can add tassels through the CH2 spaces along your short boders if you like.


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  1. What is the size of the finished wrap? This gives me an idea how much wool I will need to make it the size I like it to be. Thanks! ��