Saturday 29 August 2015

Fairy tale bed spread

Hello everyone,

Right now I am at 80% of my current project. And it is really pretty and worth it.......but it takes me a loooooong time to finish it. I am avoiding my urge to start a small project in between. 
The risk might be there that I am putting this project down and not pick it up.
It is almost done, just a few more rows and border.

Yesterday I received an email from Naomi. A lovely email with some pictures attached of a seriously pretty bed spread she made, using my fairy tale cowl pattern.

I just had to share this very nice picture with you. Perhaps it wil get you inspired for another use of the Fairy Tale pattern.

Naomi used my pattern and added a scallop edging.
At this page you can find all kinds of free scallop edging patterns.

The yarn she used is Stylecraft special DK. I use that yarn myself for blankets and colourfull softies

It isn't too expensive and will put a smile on your face while using it.
It is a good quality 100% acrylic yarn.

Would you like to try the pattern yourself?

The Fairy Tale Pattern can be found by clicking on THIS link.