Saturday 31 January 2015

Blue Lagoon Mittens

How nice it is to design your own mittens. matching your new wintercoat or spring jacket!

Thanks to THIS pattern by Brenda Anderson, you can make as many as you like
I made this specific pair on order for a colleague of mine.
As you probably noticed....her favorite colour is ocean blue.


If you think the bottom of the mitten is too wide, just add extra rounds after you're finished.
I addes 3 SC rounds and added an elastic band in the second round.

I also add extra strength to the section between the thumb and the hand, just take the yarn you are using for the glove to sew that part together a bit more,

The bow is an extra finishing touch.
HERE you can find the pattern of the bow by Jess.

Enjoy your new mittens.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Green Deep Waves

Oh how I love this cowl.
So easy to make and with such a lushious impact.

It will take you 2 eve's max to finish this cowl.
So grab your hook and get your biggest yarn.

You can find the free pattern over HERE

If you would like to find out more about the yarn I used in these pictures, please click the image below.

Click on the image to get this yarn

Sunday 25 January 2015

Soft winter hat & scarf pattern

Since I have been making this hat several times and found out it is actually so easy to make, I decided to write down this pattern so you can all enjoy this soft winter hat.

This pattern is written to make a hat for a toddler / child. I used a 10mm crochet hook and matching yarn.
 To make a larger hat, add a multiple of 2 chains to the base chain. Also add extra rows without the HDC-Vst decrease. That way your hat will become "higher".

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Stitches & US terms used:

HDC-Vst: half double crochet V-stitch
SC-Vst: single crochet V-stitch
Decr.: decrease
CH: chain
ST: stitch
SL ST: slip stitch
SP: space
SK: skip chain
YO: yarn over

Pattern uses a 10mm crochet hook and 9-10mm bulky yarn.


This pattern uses V-stitches. You start every V-stitch in the same stitch as where you ended your previous V-stitch.

Pic. 1

Stitch instructions:

YO, insert hook in same SP, pull up loop, (3 loops on hook),
YO, SK1, insert hook in next SP, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook),
YO, pull yarn through all loops.

HDC-Vst decrease: 
YO, insert hoop in same SP, pull up a loop (3 loops om hook),
Insert hook in next SP, pull up loop (4 loops on hook),
Insert hook in next SP, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), YO, pull through all loops.

Insert hook in same CH, pull up loop, insert hook in next CH, pull up loop, YO, pull through all loops.

SC-Vst decrease:
Insert hook in same CH, pull up loop, insert hook in next CH, pull up loop, insert hook in next CH, pull up loop, YO, pull through all loops.

Pic. 2

0) CH 32 (the lenght of chains should be about 45 cm, stretched a little), SL ST into the 1st CH.

1) CH1, start your 1st HDC-Vst in the last CH of previous round. (see pic.1),
[CH1, SK1, HDC-Vst] repeat between [...] to end. CH1, SL ST into top of 1st HDC-Vst.

Your last HDC-Vst will end in the ST you used 1st in this round. 
From now on you will crochet in the CH1 spaces you created between the HDC-Vstitches.

2) CH1, start your 1st HDC-Vst in the last SP of previous round. [CH1, HDC-Vst] repeat between [...] to end.  CH1, SL ST into top of 1st HDC-Vst.

3 & 4) Repeat row 2

For a bigger hat or when you use smaller yarn, add more rows untill the hat reaches the desired height. When you want to create an egde as I did in the Blue / Pink hat, add another row.

5) In this round, you use 2 HDC-Vst decreases.
CH1, start your 1st HDC-Vst in the last SP of previous round, CH1, HDC-Vst, HDC-Vst. decrease,

Fold your hat in two to find our where your 2nd HDC-Vst decrease should be. (check pic.3)

Pic. 3
[CH1, HDC-Vst] to the other side, CH1, HDC-Vst decrease, [CH1, HDC-Vst] to end, CH1, SL ST into top of 1st HDC-Vst.

6) In this round, you use 4 HDC-Vst decreases.
Use same technique as used in round 5, this time HDC-Vst decrease as shown in pic. 4.

In this pattern you end up with 5 HDC-Vstitches and 4 HDC-Vstitch decreases.
Don't worry about the extra HDC-Vst.

7) In this round you use the SC-Vst.
CH1, SC-Vst, starting in same ST, [SC-Vst] to end. SL ST in 1st SC-Vst.

8) SC-Vst decrease around. (see stitch instructions), SL ST to 1st SC-Vst.

Pull up a long loop through last ST. Use this to close the hole. Pull yarn inside and finish off.

Now you can add any edge you like.

Blue hat:
Attach your yarn to the base chain of the hat.
1&2) Create 2 rows of SC's. Finish off.
3) SL ST around in the 1st made row. Finish off

Pink / blue hat:
You have added an extra row 2! (HDC-Vstitches) so this hat is a row taller.
Attach yarn to the base chain.
1) SL ST around.
2) Reverse SC in the top loop of the SL stitches made. Finish off

The scarf uses the same stitches as the hat without the decreases.

1) Chain a base chain as long as you desire, be sure to use a multiple of 2 chains, SL ST to 1st CH.
2) SC around
3) CH1, HDC-Vst around as done in hat pattern row 1., SL ST to 1st.
4/6) Repeat row 2 of hat
7) SC in every CH around, finish off


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Tuesday 20 January 2015

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Sunday 18 January 2015

Pink Beardy

The actual story behind this pink beany is quite funny. 
I had an order for father and son to get them both bearded beanies. 
Daughter dearest absolutely wasn't going to wear a hat, let alone one with a beard!!

But when the beardies arrived..... she instantly made up her mind: "I want a pink one!!"

And since everything is possible, a PINK beardy it is.

The hat exists out of 2 separate pieces, a beard and a beanie.
The pattern of the beard can be found here, it's a design by Ashlee Marie.
You can find all sorts of beards online, I like this one because of the bobbles.

Whip stitch

To attach the beard to the beanie, turn both pieces inside out, wrong side facing you.
Use a Whip stitch and sew both pieces together, 
I use only the chains on the insed of the hat, that way you won't notice them on the outside.

I use a smaller crochet hook on the beard than on the beanie. For the beards I used a 4mm crochet hook and for the hats I use a 5 mm crochet hook. Do keep in mind to use yarn accordingly to match you crochet hook. You don't want large spaces in your beard ;)

The beanie are ideas in the moment, I actually pick the colours I want to use and then design what comes up in my mind. The pink beanie was made out of HDC rows. After every light pink row I added a row of thin silver thread SC's.

The edging is a reverse SC on both beanies in the pictures.

The beard was made with a left over bit. The hat was made with:

Enjoy creating your own hat with a smile :)

Click on this image to get this yarn

Saturday 17 January 2015

Street Chique Shawl

It is still winter.... but I decided to add a bit of sunshine to these days.

This shawl has a double functionality.  It can be worn as a chique accessorie or as a street wise shawl.
Depending on the yarn you use, I think.

For some reason I have found a love for the granny stitch.... You will find me typing this into Ravelry oh so many times. This time I used it into this pattern, although it is more like a double DC in repeat...
Of course I am sharing the pattern of this great street chique shawl with you, you can find the pattern HERE. To give it a romantic twist, I added a "Pom Pom edge by Robin Sanchez".
A great edging for shawls or blankets.

For this project I used Tropical Color, a mix of 50% bamboo, coton and dralon.
It is really really soft! and has the luxurious weight of cotton.

Click on image to get this yarn

Have fun bringing some sunshine into these cold winter days.

Sunday 11 January 2015

Teddy Bear Hoody

During my winter holiday (and what a winter it was) I had lots of quality time to spend on crocheting the most lovely items. Amongst it this cute Bear cowl - hat.

This cowl totally fits the "adorable-catagory".
At first I thought it would take me some time to put it together.

But actually, it works up quite quickly, it took me about 3 hours to complete.

I did use a nice yarn so little ones won't say it prickles....

And I had a great scenery to take some pictures of my daughter wearing the cowl.

A lovely order from a client which gave lots of fun creating and shooting it.

The design is from The Velvet Acron Designs, you can find het pattern over HERE

Saturday 10 January 2015

Baby Mary Janes

Aren't these adorable.
I noticed them this morning and just had to make them.

They work up quite quickly and by adding a button of your choise, 
you add a little personal finishing touch.

They hardly use any yarn, a great project for your yarn left-overs.
Lovely as a present too!!

Great thanks to "1dog woof", ChiWei is the owner of this website and the designer of these lovely Mary Janes. HERE you can find the link to her pattern.


Monday 5 January 2015

Hearts Beanie

Such an easy pattern to follow and with such a nice result!
The beanie is nice and thick because of the front post DC use.

 I finished a sweet version for my daughter using Ice Yarns, Zerda Alpaca

For my sons version I used another yarn.
A wool / acrylic mix:

Ice Yarns Wool Worsted

Both yarns can be found at my yarnstore:

I especially like the neon versions of this yarn.

The original pattern came from "My hobby is crochet" 
You can find the pattern over HERE

If you don't have the time to crochet the hat yourself, I am happy to make you one for € 19,95.

A set will cost € 29,95.

I posted the free pattern of this infinity cowl in a formar blog: Pattern Deep Waves infinity cowl
I only used 1 strand and a 7 mm crochet hook to keep the cowl light.