Saturday 27 September 2014

V puff scarf

It's present-making-time again! But since I've been so busy with my Fairy Tale scarf sales, I almost forgot I had a present to make for my nephew who's turning 1 this weekend. Since the cold season is kicking in, I decided to crochet him a nice warm and comfy scarf. So I have been stuck on the couch for a few evenings with my yarn, a glass of wine and a crochet hook. And I love the result!

The V puff stitch makes this the softest scarf, it's all fluffy. I like long scarfs which you can fold and then wrap around your neck. So I didn't stop untill the scarf was 1.50 meter long. Might be a little long for the little one but at least it will last a bit longer.

The size of the scarf is 1.50 m x 17 cm. It exists of 102 rows of V Puff stitches.
At both ends I added 12 cm tassels. I used 4 colours in this scarf. A self striping skein and 3 colours which match really well. You can mix and match whatever you like, there are no rules at all.

And of course, the finishing touch, added my own label.
I have written down some instructions so you can make this scarf yourself. Crochet instructions can be found at the end of this blog.

Crochet V Puff Scarf Pattern:

Stitches used:

  • SC = Single Crochet
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • V Puff Stitch
  • Chainless Starting DC is a special stitch  to start your rows with, you can find more information online about this stitch: Instruction Chainless Starting DC. If you find this complicating, you can use a CH3 instead.
I suggest you use the hook size that matches your yarn. You can always use a larger hook, this will give your work an extra airy / open structure.

Instruction V puff stitch:
YO, insert hook in same ST and pull up a long loop (this loop should be longer than your usual loop), YO, insert hook in same ST again en pull up a long loop for the 2nd time. Skip one ST, YO and insert hook in next ST, pull up a long loop, YO, insert hook in same ST and pull up a long loop, YO and pull your hook through all loops on the hook, CH1.

The V's are worked up-side-down / Bottom up.

On YouTube you can find some video instructions if you get a bit confused about my written instruction.

Take notice!!
Every V Puff ends with a CH1 to close / end the stitch. In this pattern I added another CH1 to get some space between te V's. So when it says CH1 after a V Puff, it menas you end your V Puff with a CH1 and add another CH1.


1) CH 24, SC in 2nd CH from the hook, SC back (23 SC made)

2) Turn, Chainless Starting DC (or CH3), start V Puff in 1st SC, CH1, [V Puff, CH1] to end, DC in same ST as where you ended your last V Puff

In after the final V Puff on every row, I did NOT add the extra CH1. 

3 / 103) Repeat row 2. The V Puff stitches after row 2 should be worked in the CH1 spaces of the previous row.

104) Turn, CH1, HDC in same ST, HDC to end. Finish off.

Add tassels or any other edge you like.

Good luck designing your own V Puff scarf. I love to see some results.

Interested in more designs? Check out other designs Made by Marion at my Ravelry page.

From here you can find a Swedish translation of the V-Puff scarf:

·         lm = luftmaska
·         fm = fast maska
·         st = stolpe
·         hst = halvstolpe
·         V-puff
·         Börja varv utan 3lm-kedja, om man vill. ( Instruction Chainless Starting DC)

Omslag som att du ska göra en stolpe, ner i första fm, dra upp garnet så det blir en lång ögla två gånger i samma fm. Du ska nu ha fyra öglor på nålen (exkl lm från början på varv eller puffen innan).
Omslag som att du ska göra en stolpe, hoppa över en fm, gör fyra.nya öglor i nästa fm. 8 öglor. Lägg om garnet på nålen, dra igenom alla öglor, 1lm.
V-puffarna virkas från botten och upp. Såhär /\ .
Sista lm man gör på puffen är för att “stänga den”, men i den här beskrivningen gör jag ytterligare en, för att få lite luft mellan puffarna.

1) Lägg upp 24lm Börja med fm i andra.maskan från nålen, 23fm i slutet av varvet.
2) Vänd, antingen med 3lm eller en direkt stolpe, se länk ovan. Börja med V-puff i första fm, 1lm, V-puff, 1lmvarvet ut. Avsluta varvet med en stolpe i samma fm som sista V-puffen.
3/103) (eller tillräckligt lång);
3lm/direkt stolpe, och nu gör du V puff stitch i lm-mellanrummen varv ut. Avsluta med stolpe i den.översta av de tre lm/stolpen från föregående varv.
Sista puffvarvet kan man skippa den extra lm mellan puffarna.
104) (eller tillräckligt lång). Vänd, 1lm, hst i samma maska, hst varv ut. Fäst trådar.

Knyt på fransar ändarna om du vill.


  1. Lijkt me een héérlijke sjaal!! Mooie kleuren heb je gebruikt! Bedankt voor de uitleg, heb hem gepint!! Grtzz..Maddy

  2. Hey Maddy, wat leuk dat je hem ook gaat maken! Ik heb inmiddels een tweede gemaakt, ze zijn verslavend leuk om te maken en zo heerlijk super zacht. Ik post de nieuwe sjaal vandaag op m'n blog. Show je je resultaat? Heel veel succes en als je vragen hebt, je weet me te vinden. Groetjes!

  3. I read and reread your pattern, but I can't seem to find the hook size. Would you mind sending it to my email at Thank you so very much...this scarf is beautiful and I would like to make one for my friend!

  4. Hi Connie, it doesn't really matter what kind of hook you use. I worked with a yarn which suggested hook size 3. I posted another blog where I used a hook size 6 when the yarn suggests a hook 3.5 mm.

    You can use any medium to bulky yarn. Play with your hook size :) Just don't use a too small one.

    1. I would like to make this scarf using a worsted weight yarn size 4. Could you tell me how much yarn I would need to make this as an infinity scarf, please?

  5. Love your patterns. Is this V-Puff scarf made with worsted weight yarn? Do you hold 2 strands together to get the super puffy effect? Or how did you introduce the new colors? It isn't clear in your pattern above. Thank you! ~Sita

  6. Hallo!
    Als ik meer dan 24 lossen wil opzetten, per hoeveel moet ik dan vermeerderen?

  7. Where is the video on how to make the stitch?

    1. From what I could see, the video is just for the chainless starting double crochet. The puff v stitch is only documented in the written pattern.