Sunday 24 May 2015

Facial pads

Amongst a few other things I like in life, I love to give away hand-made crochet items.

When I think of hand-made crochet presents, what first pops into my mind are:
Shawls, blankets, hats, poncho's and all the aother sorts of items which have some kind of crochet-air around them.

Now I love to give make up or wellness articles as presents.
That particular expensive which you don't buy yourself because it is nonsense to buy them that expensive ;)
But just those things... that expensive handcreme, that nice facial wash or that lovely scented body creme.... those make great presents.

To add your own touch to the product, how about adding handmade facial pads! You can create them in any colour you like. Maybe to match the product you are giving or to match the tiles of the bathroom they will go into.

I used several shades of blue and grey... they work up  really quick and you can make as many as you like.

I would advise you to use a thick cotton, this is nicest for your skin.

And of course they look very pretty indeed in you own bathroom as well!

This free pattern is made by Thestitchinmommy.

Have some  refreshing fun with them.

Thursday 14 May 2015

A new star is born

Spring, summer.... seasons which make you feel happy! In love.... and there you have it! Babies.
And yay... my sister is expecting her 3rd child. A lovely boy.
So of course I am making her a baby blanket.

First of all, sorry for keeping you waiting so long for new inspiration... I have got so many crochet projects waiting to be photographed.... I just cannot find the time to put myself to it.
So today, as the sun was shining, I decided to photograph this blanket so I can finally present a new pattern.

You can make this pattern with any colours you like. By adding more or less rows with one colour you will give the blanket your own, personal touch.

I decided to use two colours and change from 3 rows with one and 2 rows with the other.

The star shape will be extra visible if you use several contrasting colours.

The pattern is easy, so you can do several things while you crochet this blanket. And by adding more rows you can make it as large as you like.

Makes a different baby blanket don't you think? Have fun creating you own!
You can find the pattern to the blanket over HERE