Wednesday 1 October 2014

Neon V Puff scarf

I really like making this scarf. It doesn't take ages and the result is lovely every time.This time I made one for Phileine, my daughter. Before winter starts, she'll probably have a whole range of winter scarfs to choose from.

I had two skeins of Neon yarn left in my stash, so this was a really good project to use those.

The yarn suggests a 3,5 mm crochet hook. Instead I used a 6 mm. The result of that is the wide V's and the loose Puffs. 
When you compare it to my first V Puff scarf you'll notice the difference.

In my humble opinion, a scarf should be really long so you can fold it in half and wrap it around your neck. Therefor I crochet it untill the scarf is 1.5m long. The width is about 20 cm.

Want to make one yourself? HERE you can find the link to the pattern of this warm and cosy scarf.

Not such a crochet freak yourself but still in need of a super comfy scarf?
I can always make you one.

I am selling these scarfs for € 29,99

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