Monday 6 April 2015

Little Princess Poncho

A second poncho already! I know I know.... but I just had this yarn laying around for so long... screaming at me to make a poncho out of it.

This time I finished 3 rows and then changed to another colour.
I used a polyester / cotton mix. 
Cotton is not my favorite yarn to crochet with since it tends to split while I work with it. 
But it does give a very clean look to your work.

My daugther is into living the life of a princess right now, so I decided to add some diamonds to the design, as every Little Princess should have some bling-bling.

I used the beads during my crochet work.
Just add the needed amount of beads on to your yarn before you start your crochet round where you want to place them.
Be sure to place enough beads onto your yarn, in case you're not sure, place extra so you don't run short. (else you'll have to finish off and attach new yarn with beads along the way)

Slide your beads back a bit and attach yarn as usual. Crochet untill you reach the spot where you want to place your bead, slide the bead towards your knot and place your next stitch behind / after your bead. I worked a round of slip stitches at the back side of my work and added the beads in the stitch at the front. (this sounds harder than it is)

Here's a video, DROPS made about the technique of placing beads in your work.

I hope I gave you a bit of new inspiration for a nice project.
You can read all about the pattern in this blogpost on

Have fun!

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