Sunday 18 January 2015

Pink Beardy

The actual story behind this pink beany is quite funny. 
I had an order for father and son to get them both bearded beanies. 
Daughter dearest absolutely wasn't going to wear a hat, let alone one with a beard!!

But when the beardies arrived..... she instantly made up her mind: "I want a pink one!!"

And since everything is possible, a PINK beardy it is.

The hat exists out of 2 separate pieces, a beard and a beanie.
The pattern of the beard can be found here, it's a design by Ashlee Marie.
You can find all sorts of beards online, I like this one because of the bobbles.

Whip stitch

To attach the beard to the beanie, turn both pieces inside out, wrong side facing you.
Use a Whip stitch and sew both pieces together, 
I use only the chains on the insed of the hat, that way you won't notice them on the outside.

I use a smaller crochet hook on the beard than on the beanie. For the beards I used a 4mm crochet hook and for the hats I use a 5 mm crochet hook. Do keep in mind to use yarn accordingly to match you crochet hook. You don't want large spaces in your beard ;)

The beanie are ideas in the moment, I actually pick the colours I want to use and then design what comes up in my mind. The pink beanie was made out of HDC rows. After every light pink row I added a row of thin silver thread SC's.

The edging is a reverse SC on both beanies in the pictures.

The beard was made with a left over bit. The hat was made with:

Enjoy creating your own hat with a smile :)

Click on this image to get this yarn

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