Saturday 17 January 2015

Street Chique Shawl

It is still winter.... but I decided to add a bit of sunshine to these days.

This shawl has a double functionality.  It can be worn as a chique accessorie or as a street wise shawl.
Depending on the yarn you use, I think.

For some reason I have found a love for the granny stitch.... You will find me typing this into Ravelry oh so many times. This time I used it into this pattern, although it is more like a double DC in repeat...
Of course I am sharing the pattern of this great street chique shawl with you, you can find the pattern HERE. To give it a romantic twist, I added a "Pom Pom edge by Robin Sanchez".
A great edging for shawls or blankets.

For this project I used Tropical Color, a mix of 50% bamboo, coton and dralon.
It is really really soft! and has the luxurious weight of cotton.

Click on image to get this yarn

Have fun bringing some sunshine into these cold winter days.

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