Wednesday 25 March 2015

Granny Square Flower pillow

One of my favourite colours is aqua blue / green. 
Another thing I love is stacking qranny squares.

This square I designed myself, here you find the link to the pattern.

In the end I created 16 crochet squares, using white and green bases.

I put the squares together using single crochets over the top.
First do all the vertical (or horizontal) and then add the rows across.
To cross the lines, add a chain stitch and then continue your single crochets.

The border exists out of 2 rows of SC's. In every corner you place [SC, ch2, SC]
That way you get a nice corner.
The pattern for the bobble edge can be found over here.

I have sown my own pillow case but you can also buy an already made pillow case and sew your crochet work onto it.

I just love playing with textures and colous.

Have fun creating your own pillow!

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