Saturday 7 March 2015

Pimp your shoes

Yesterday I bought this cute little outfit for my daughter.
And as I walked out of the store I realised..... "I don't have matching shoes with those clothes"

Black and yellow just doesn't match with pink or purple boots.
I decided to buy a pair of simple gym shoes and give them a make-over myself.

So I thought I'd share this little make-over with you. It is done within 30 minutes and it will save you an expensive extra pair of shoes.

What do you need:
  • A pair of cheap gym-shoes (black / white / pink)
  • Yarn in any colour to match your outfit or take any colour that makes you happy.
  • Glue gun
  • Any decoration objects: buttons, ribbons, studs etc.
Now get crazy.

For my shoes I made two crochet-flowers and glued them on with a hot glue gun. On those two flowers I glued a nice bow. (this one was ready-made but you could tie one yourself ofcourse)
Then in the end I added some glue on studs. And tadaaa!! My own design shoe.

Let me tell you how to crochet the flowers.

1, Make a migic ring, CH1

2. In the ring you make 5 petals. 

First petal: SC, CH1, DC, CH1, TR, CH1, DC, CH1, SC, Sl St into ring.

2nd till 5th petal: CH1, SC, CH1, DC, CH1, TR, CH1, DC, CH1, SC, Sl St into ring.

finish off and close the ring. Tie a knot with both yarn ends.

pattern for 1 petal

Enjoy your creation!

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