Sunday 19 October 2014

Angora Glitz

It's nice to see a scarf getting its colour pattern. This time I choose to make a scarf with a bit of holiday glamour. December may still sound far away... but it's here before you know it.

For this particular scarf I used Ice Yarns Angora Colour Glitz.
A yarn that exists out of 40% Angora wool, 52% Acrylic and 8% Lurex.
The lurex brings a sparkle to your crochet work, giving it a little glamour.

The result of this yarn in combination of the V-Puff stitch makes it a light, puffy scarf.

I like the black in this yarn, it gives the scarf a bit of a mature look.

For the tassels I used a combination of the Angora yarn plus a thick acrylic yarn to get big tassels.

The yarn suggests a hook size 3,4 - 4. I used a 6mm though. That way the V-puff will get more space and air.

Link to the pattern can be found HERE
I sell these V-Puff scarfs for € 24,95

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