Wednesday 8 October 2014

Stash buster scarf

The V-puff scarf makes a great project for using those last skeins of yarn you have left from other projects. I love to search for matching colours to combine and make a comfy scarf.

And of course, when you will be using different types of yarn, the thickness of the profile may change during the project. But that's just what makes the scarf unique and specially made by you.

This example, I started with bulky Acrylic, then I used a left over skein of Merino Yarn, then Cotton and I finished with Alpaca. The feeling of the scarf changes when you brush your hand over it.
I did make sure they were all yarns which feel comfy around your neck. No one likes as prickly woolen scarf.

This scarf is a present for a little boy who will turn 3 this weekend. Hopefully he'll like the colours.

HERE you can find my free pattern of this scarf.

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